Batch Type Powder Recovery Booth

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POWDER COATING Booth Recovery system is an exciting coating technology that has made a major impact in the finishing industry. Worldwide it has replaced conventional processes like liquid painting, plating and anodizing. This dry painting offers manufacturers increased economic benefits and excellent qualities. The POWDER COATED finish is fast replacing liquid and plated finishing for a variety of reasons. Today, POWDER COATING is used on metals , glass and ceramics. ADVANTAGES OF POWDER COATING 1. NO PRIMER NECESSARY : POWDER COATING is a single coat process. 2. LESS MANPOWER : POWDER COATING gives advantage Faster productions, No Mixing, Unskilled Application Technique, Very Little Equipment Maintenance Required. 3. ENVIRONMENTAL : In POWDER COATING there is no solvent PROTECTION content, no fumes to exhaust, cleaner shop floor, healthier labour,minimized fire hazards. 4. ENERGY SAVINGS : POWDER COATING needs shorter curing schedules for 15 minutes at 180 Deg.C. 5. SPRAY AS SUPPLIED : POWDER COATING has no mixing, no thinners, no flash off zone. 6. LESS REJECTS : In POWDER COATING there is no ease of application virtually eliminates paint shop rejections. 7. SUPERIOR LOOKS : In POWDER COATING there is no total absence of runs, sags, drips and bubbles - giving uniform, long lasting finish. 8. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS : Users of POWDER COATING are satisfied customers. 9. TOUGH COAT : Parts with POWDER COATING excellent resistance to mechanical and corrosive abuse.

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